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Custom Made Suits

At Murrays Custom Suits, we spend most of our time making sure the fit of your suit is perfect. The fit must be perfect, and it must be close to perfect the very first time. If it is not close to perfect the very first time, it is no different than taking an ill fitting off the rack suit and then altering it to try and make it fit. A custom garment should fit like no other garment that you have in your wardrobe.

What makes our custom suits so perfect? It starts with our tailors who take your measurements. Unlike other stores, it is our tailors (as opposed to "fitters") who take your measurements. Our tailors have many years of actually making suits, so they know exactly how to measure you.


Your measurements are then sent to our factory in Hong Kong. This next point is very important. All of our custom made garments are made in the same factory so every suit will fit exactly the same. Almost as importantly, when it is time to reorder, the same factory is used again ensuring fit consistency. This is very different than other tailors who use multiple factories based on the price that you are charged. Other stores will have different factories for different price points (the cheaper the garment, the cheaper the factory they use). Another problem with this practice is let's say you order a suit and it comes out perfect and now you order three or four more. The suits come in fitting completely different than the original suit because more times than not, factories are juggled around and the fit is compromised. Murrays Custom Suits uses the same factory time after time.

Another important aspect of our fit is the way YOU want your suit to fit. A suit might fit you well, but is it tapered the way you want? Does the custom suit draw attention to your finer body features like your muscular upper body and trim waist. Just as important, does the suit deflect attention from parts of your physique you want to hide, like a pot belly or a large seat. Your custom garment must not only fit, it must fit your body and enhance all of your positive features.

Your custom made suit comes back in three weeks. Many times, there are no additional alterations to be done and if there are, they are usually very minimal and ready for pickup or shipping just a few days later.

Your custom suit will fit so much better than your best fitting off the rack suit. As soon as you slip it on you will feel the difference between real custom and glorified off the rack. Your garment is also guaranteed to last with a full 100% money back guarantee if any aspect of the quality fails you. Obviously, intentional wear and tear does not qualify.

Custom suit prices range from $495-$895. Click here to see our custom suit and custom shirt packages.

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